User manuals, descriptions
for users of SYMEK TNC, modems, transceivers TRX4 etc.

The documents, which can be downloaded here are under Copyright of SYMEK!
It is not allowed to publish these documents or parts thereof without mentioning the source and author.

manual TNC2H, DIN-A-4 Winword. (480kB zip)

manual TNC3S rev. 'K' (Hardware), DIN-A-4 Winword. (850kB zip)

manual TNC31S rev. 'B' (Hardware), DIN-A-4 Winword. (770kB zip)

software-manual TNC3/31 (not up-to-date) (400kB .pdf)

What is KISS and SMACK mode? (Protocol definition TNC <-> PC)

manual old AFSK1200-modem

manual AFSK1201-modem

manual old FSK9600 modem

manual FSK9601 modem

modification instructions for various radios for 9600 Baud use

manual for the TRX4S high speed data transceiver (1.6 MB .pdf)