Info for our customers
for users of TNC21, TNC3/31, TRX4 etc.

Downloads of software for our Controllers and transceivers, 
technical hints, questions and answers, modifications, manuals

users manuals for our packet-radio-controller, transceiver etc. (Word for Windows)
EPROMs with firmware for TNC2 (TNC21, TNC2S, TNC2H)
Modifications - hints on TNC3 and TNC31 hardwareS
Updates  for TNC3 and TNC31, firmware, Flash-EPROMs, disc
Terminal-programs (RS, TERM, SP, GP, WinGT, Paxon, TOP etc...) for Packet
Software etc. for TRX4S data transceiver for PC (download)
Modification of TNC3/31 modem FSK9600 (baud rates) (German only)
Modification of TNC3/31 modem FSK9601 (baud rates)
Connection cables for amateur and CB radios (AFSK 1200 baud) (German)