Firmware for TNC2S / TNC2H / TNC21S

Consider the Copyright messages of the authors!

The binary files given here can be programmed into 27C256-EPROMs of SYMEK and compatible TNC2 (TNC2H, TNC2S, TNC21S) by use of a suited EPROM programmer. (format: .zip)

TF27b - 10 Kanal (16k) TF27b (Nord><Link) 10-channel (Standard)

TF27 - 27b-Kanal (16k) TF27b (Nord><Link) 27-channel

6-pack für TNC2 (3k) sixpack Firmware

SMACK 1.3  (3k) KISS-only / SMACK DL5UE

TAPR 1.1.9.  (20k) TAPR 1.1.9 Firmware incl. GPS-commands