Other products of SYMEK

SYMEK is developing and producing not only the products covered by the internet pages presented here. We offer custom services for electrical and electronic engineering, communications, radio-frequency design, microcontroller design and custom designed equipment for measurement, sensors and remote control.

If you need solutions for a technical problem, ask us! Here some examples for custom design products and services:

* induktive micro-sensor / rotation sensor for water consumption metering (IP68)
* analysator and LCD-display for multiplexed pulse-width signals
* consumption meter with wireless data readout, permanently powered by battery
* consumption meter with solar powered supply and remote display via radio link
* telemetry and remote control applications
* custom design of measuring equipment (air pressure, pulse width signals) with high resolution bar graph LED-display
* radio data link systems for commercial, military and space applications

New:Assemblies for low-cost television transmitters and broadcast transmitters:

* Low cost TV-transmitter and repeater up to 20 watt RF power, PAL, SECAM and NTSC-modulation
* Simple power amplifiers for TV-transmitter
* ask for the best solution for your specific application!

* Low cost transmitter for FM-broadcast and for broadband / high speed data transmissions
* Modems and RF-modulators (stereo, data)

We are manufacturer of low cost rugged transmitters for local television transmitters. Using our compact modulators and transmitters makes it easy to supply a local area with a TV-satellite program. Ideal for very low cost local FM radio and TV stations with low to medium power.

(These products are NOT available within the EU countries)

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