IF-Amplifiers / Demodulators / SHACKBUS devices
for high-speed data receivers / transceivers etc.

No more available

ZFD.JPG (11190 Byte)   ZFD  IF-amplifier / demodulator for 455 kHz (FT736 - 9600/19200 Baud) (Stock)

ifd1.jpg (66597 Byte)   IFD  IF-amplifier / wideband receiver board for 38400, 76800 and 153600 Baud (Stock)

pll.jpg (44328 Byte)   PLL Programmable precision PLL oscillator (from 100 to 1200 MHz) for RX and TX (April 2001)

urxpcb.gif (30133 Byte)   URX: IF-Receiver (40 to 200 MHz) with programmable bandwidth (30/60/150/300 kHz), two FSK outputs for 9600 up to 153 kBaud FSK, digital readout of AFC output (center meter) and signal strength (calibrated in dBm), two data outputs (narrow + wide),  audio output with squelch. (May 2001)

bus.jpg (30540 Byte)   BUS  Info / manual of the BUS RS232 / SHACKBUS converter board (March 2001)

frontend.gif (59756 Byte)   F70, F23, F13: RF front-end (Converter, Mixer) for 70cm (435MHz), 23cm (1250MHz) and 13cm (2450 MHz). To be used with the PLL oscillator and the URX-receiver as 71 MHz IF amplifier and demodulator. (May 2001)